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Cognitive Restructuring - Turn Unhappiness to Happiness

Cognitive approach to stress management is found effective based on recent research. From the stream of cognitive approach, different tools are designed for helping people live out a happy, stressful-free life even under unhappy or stressful situations. Over at Mind Tools site, you’ll find a useful tool, Cognitive Restructuring:

… for understanding and turning around negative thinking. It helps us put unhappy, negative thoughts “under the microscope”, challenging them and in many cases rescripting the negative thinking that lies behind them. In doing this, it can help us approach situations in a positive frame of mind.

The main idea is to work through a process, using a simple worksheet:

  • Write down the situation that triggered the negative thoughts
  • Identify the moods that you felt in the situation
  • Write down the Automatic Thoughts that you experienced when you felt the mood.
  • Identify the evidence that supports these Hot Thoughts.
  • Identify the evidence that does not support the Hot Thoughts.
  • Now, identify fair, balanced thoughts about the situation.
  • Finally, observe your mood now and think about what you are going to do

Cognitive Restructuring – From Unhappiness to a Positive Outlook – [MindTools]
Simple Worksheet – [MindTools]

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