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Coffee - Is it the evil drink?

Over in Steve Pavlina’s blog, he has a post on “How to Give Up Coffee”. He mentioned some reasons why one should give up coffee:

I can’t ignore the energy boost and mental acceleration that comes from caffeine. But I do notice negative side effects when I drink coffee. Caffeine seems to make part of my brain overactive and another part underactive. I become really good at doing things, but very bad at prioritizing what needs to be done. If I drink a lot of coffee, I’ll often spend hours doing a bunch of low priority tasks, and I find that other unproductive habits are more likely to be done excessively. I become like a rat in a treadmill, doing more and more but not accomplishing what really matters. I find it very hard to focus on the big picture from a holistic whole-brain standpoint if I’ve consumed caffeine.

I have been drinking coffee since I started working, and have been drinking cola since I was young. Now my intake of drink other than water are two cans of cola throughout the day and one cup of coffee at the morning. I don’t have problems on getting into sleep so my tolerance to caffeine definitely very high. I don’t see much differences for me with or without coffee except it keeps me awake at the morning. I definitely know that caffeine is a drug because I am addicted to cola. ;)

For now I will try to replace coffee to tea and see if there are any other differences. What are others’ thoughts on this?

How to Give Up Coffee – [Steve Pavlina]

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