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Call In Sick Without Getting Out Bed

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Call In Sick Without Getting Out Bed

This is a US & Canada service, but it looks interesting enough for me to blog. A free service called “Call-in-Sick” allows you to record a message, set a time to send it later. How is it useful for call in sick? Read their introduction:

Call-in-Sick is a revolutionary new FREE service that allows you to call in your sick message to your boss or employer from anywhere, any time.

Picture the scenario: You stay out too late on a workday night and decide to call in sick the next day. The next day you drag yourself out of bed at 5am because you know your boss won’t be there to answer the phone.

With Call-in-Sick you can record your sick message the night before then schedule it to be sent directly to your boss’s phone early in the morning without you even getting out of bed!

I can imagine this can be used on other type of calls. There are ways to abuse this service as well.

Can someone test this out and let me know?


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