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Burnout Prevention and Recovery

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Burnout Prevention and Recovery

There is an older article surfaced recently on burnout. It has 12 tips on prevention and recovery of burnout. In addition, the author tried to make some fun on MIT. Have a look the comments like:

1. STOP DENYING. Listen to the wisdom of your body. Begin to freely admit the stresses and pressures which have manifested physically, mentally, or emotionally.
* MIT VIEW: Work until the physical pain forces you into unconsciousness.

2. AVOID ISOLATION. Don’t do everything alone! Develop or renew intimacies with friends and loved ones. Closeness not only brings new insights, but also is anathema to agitation and depression.
* MIT VIEW: Shut your office door and lock it from the inside so no one will distract you. They’re just trying to hurt your productivity.

3. CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. If your job, your relationship, a situation, or a person is dragging you under, try to alter your circumstance, or if necessary, leave.
* MIT VIEW: If you feel something is dragging you down, suppress these thoughts. This is a weakness. Drink more coffee.

Those are good tips. If you are serious on getting useful tips only, just skip the MIT VIEW :)

Burnout Prevention and Recovery – [web.mit.edu]

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