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Build your own MP3 Player

You can make your own mp3 player – say what? Yes, and it is compact enough to fit in an Altoids gum tin (not available in Australia but as I see in the picture, it is really small). If you have time, build one and impress your friend. If not, it is still quite an amusement to read all those details:

… And so it came to pass, with the advent of Limor’s Minty MP3 and miniaturization being what it was, that the masses yearned for an MP3 player of more slender dimensions. An iPod shuffle? Nay, they cried. No pazzazz. How about an EMP-Z Coin-Sized MP3 player? A What?

We realized satiating them would be no easy task. So we set out to design the successor to Minty MP3. How about if it fits in an Altoids gum tin? What if it charges its internal Lithium Ion Polymer battery over USB and mounts itself as a Mass Storage Device? And if it runs for 12+ hours on a full charge, looking slick all the while? We built it. They bought it. And so should you…

miniMinty MP3 – build your own

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