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Book Review: Robert Half On Hiring

Robert Half on Hiring

A Robert Half book, published by The Penguin Group, reviewed by Reg Adkins.

Robert Half has written several books on business topics. To me the most practical and applicable of them is “Robert Half on Hiring.”

In this book Half takes the time to analyze and quantify the hiring process in all of its component parts. He spends an entire chapter helping you analyze the job you wish to fill in order to be able to seek the best qualified person to fill it.

If there were an area in need of improvement in this book I would say it is the chapter on evaluating résumé’s. Half views résumé’s as a necessary evil in the business community. He does not feel they provide an accurate picture of the candidate. I agree to the extent that they do not provide a COMPLETE picture of the candidate. But, when you add the facet of checking out that resume’ with former employers I believe the value of the resume’ increases exponentially. There really is no substitute for picking up your phone and letting your fingers do the walking to the previous employer.
As anyone who is in business knows, one of the most expensive elements of doing business is in the recruitment and retention of quality staff members. Spending a few dollars on Half’s book may save you several more in the long run.

On another level, if you are looking for a job, this book could be an extremely valuable resource for helping you understand what the top recruiters are looking for.

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