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Book Review: Fire Your Boss

Fire Your Boss

A Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine book published by Harper Collins Publishers Incorporated, 2004, 273 pages. Nonfiction: Career Changes, Career Development, Self-actualization (Psychology). The book promises a career plan to take control of your work life, boost your income, have a better job offer at hand and find happiness outside the office.Folks, this thing is Cynical with a capital C. Take a look at this lift from inside the jacket.

…gone are the days of finding satisfaction through you job, gone is the time when your job was secure, and gone are the days when your employer cared about you.

Ouch! Right?

Nonetheless, the book makes some solid points about the importance of taking charge of your working life. The authors take a stab at a career guide that is completely opposite to what intuition and common sense might dictate.

So, what to do?

The authors suggest a 7 step approach.

1.Fire your boss…and hire yourself. Assess your work situation, evaluate your performance and put a plan in writing.

2. Kill your career…and get a job. Find ways to achieve your desires other than work.

3. There’s no I in job. Find out what your boss wants and develop ways to meet those needs.

4. Go fish. Keep your resume up to date. Stay on top of openings and opportunities elsewhere. Keep up with trade publications.

5. No one hires a stranger. Network, network, network.

6. It’s the money. Chart and evaluate the monetary factors of each job offer.

7. Hello, I must be going. Compare new offers. Determine the timing for leaving.

This book has the heart of a mercenary. But, it makes absolutely no effort to conceal that fact. That, in and of itself makes it worth reading.

Most of the books I review I trade, sell or give away. This one, I’m keeping. Not necessarily because I agree with the philosophy but because it has the chutzpah to say what it means.

Fire Your Boss

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