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Book Excerpt: The Art of Project Management

Slashdot has featured a book excerpt article on Scott Berkun’s book, The Art of Project Management. You may know Scott from his online articles, or our feature interview with him. In the interview, he talked about his personal objectives and management. The book, Art of Project Management, he captured what he have learned from his experience on project management. To give you a tease on the book, here is the excerpt on Chapter 13: How to make things happen. This chapter is pretty useful, as it talks about one of my favorite topics – prioritization:

Priorities make things happen

A large percentage of my time as a PM was spent making ordered lists. An ordered list is just a column of things, put in order of importance. I’m convinced that despite all of the knowledge and skills I was expected to have and use, in total, all I really did was make ordered lists. I collected things that had to be done—requirements, features, bugs, whatever—and put them in an order of importance to the project. I spent hours and days refining and revising these lists, integrating new ideas and information, debating and discussing them with others, always making sure they were rock solid. Then, once we had that list in place, I’d drive and lead the team as hard as possible to follow things in the defined order. Sometimes, these lists involved how my own time should be spent on a given day; other times, the lists involved what entire teams of people would do over weeks or months. But the process and the effect were the same…

He is going to send a copy of his book – I hope it will be arriving soon!

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