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Best Workouts for the Brain?

Dr. Andrew Weil, a healthy aging expert, suggests that to keep your brain agile, we need challenges for our brain as we age. Some real examples on challenges for the brain are learning languages, playing card games etc. Anything that is complex for your brain so that your mind can have a good workout:

… Learning a language is another perfect challenge to take on now that you’ve retired. Some people have a natural ear for language and learn quickly, but anyone who can hear and imitate sounds can learn a new language at any age. And you don’t have to master it; it’s the attempt to learn that gives the benefit. This type of learning draws on “fluid intelligence,” the ability to stay focused and manage attention while ignoring irrelevant information. Fluid intelligence is one of the first aspects of brain function to suffer as age takes its toll on the mind. Learning another language should be more protective than any supplements or smart drugs designed to stave off cognitive decline…

Best Workouts for the Brain? – [Dr. Weil Q&A via Health-Hack]

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