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Being productive in College

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Being productive in College

An user asked a good question in AskMetaFilter – How to be successful, productive and more organize in college. Some general tips are good suggestions from readers – such as:

… Thoughts on scholastic success (some of these are mentioned above, but when you see them repeatedly, sometimes their value sticks better):

  • Go to office hours. Preferably, when you go you have an idea how to do the problems or have questions lined up. At the very least, it is dedicated time for specific classes. Seriously, few people show, but it is the best way to get help and make your face known to TAs and professors.
  • Should be obvious, but go to class.
  • Set aside non-work time. Many of the people around me who are happiest with their work have specific times that they don’t work. Common rules include “Saturday” or “after midnight.”
  • Make class reading more effective by taking notes and writing down questions on what’s in the text. If appropriate, work out the sample problems or proofs, so things start to make sense to you internally.

I joined couple of mentor programs for university student before. My top recommendation for student is to pursue work experience on the field you like as soon as possible. The experience you gain will help both on the school and your further job prospect.

Being productive in college – [Ask Metafilter]

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