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Back Up Your Gmail using POP3 feature

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Back Up Your Gmail using POP3 feature

Email is important, especially they are business related and important to archive. You never want this happens to you. Chris Brogan has reminded me to backup my Gmail account by enabling and using POP access.

The help document of enabling POP in Gmail. You may have done it before, but remember to take Chris’s advice to also backup your email client data files offline as well.

4. When it’s all there, turn off your mail client.
5. Locate your mail client’s file for the gmail mails.
6. Consider moving these (or making a copy) offline to a backup drive. In my case, I’m going to clip off a current update from today, and toss that entire file to my backup drive. Then, I’ll delete the account on my POP mail client, and go about my business.
7. Schedule your updates periodically with Google Calendar (provided THAT doesn’t encounter a whoops).

Back Up Your Gmail – [chrisbrogan.com]

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