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Back up Your Blog

Engadget runs a really great howto article on backing up your blog. I must freely admit that, until reading this, I hadn’t considered this one bit. Somehow, I just thought my host would handle it. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Wouldn’t I feel cruddy if all my work just vanished one day?

Bad things happen. If you’ve ever worried that the over caffeinated tech might spill his latte down your web server, then today’s How-To will help you out. Forgetting to back up your blog (or your website) is something that isn’t a big deal until you need it — like backing up anything, really. But your blog’s files and databased aren’t really so simply accessible as the files on your PC, so today we’re showing you how to automatically back up your blog (or website) with some freely available tools that will use a minimum amount of your precious bandwidth.

The howto is really informative, but it might scare some of the less tech-savvy types among us. Don’t worry. You can power through it. There are lots of pictures, at least, and that helped me.

How to Back up Your Blog –[Engadget]

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