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Assemble the Life Hacking Community

Mark and Aaron are runners who blog, or bloggers who run. Together, they built, which is a website for runners. In an of itself, it’s a good site, but here’s what makes their work really cool.

They’ve assembled a community called the Running Blog Family, which is made up of almost 900! runners blogging about their passion, what they’re learning, and more. 900 individual voices all sharing the wealth of knowledge between their sites. Can you imagine?

It got me thinking.

We need to assemble the Life Hacking community. Not, or or 43Folders all building their communities (which is good and useful and helps us go deep with information), but I am hereby issuing a call to build the definitive blogroll of sites that are writing more often than not about life hacking.

I think the best tool to do this is (which happens to be another project of founder, Leon Ho). With his new Javascript list-sharing tool (which is why you saw the 100 firefox extensions and 90 online file storage lists), it’s the kind of thing we can all work on, add to, and then share on our various sites.

A few entries by each of us would fill that list right up well, don’t you think? And!!!! And here’s what matters most to me.

It’s a way to add YOUR voice to the Life Hacking community at large.

So what do you say?

I put up the first few sites, including ours. But I’d love your help filling up this resource and making it useful. Then, when it’s good enough for you, there’s a way to add the list to your site. You can share resources with your circle of friends and colleagues, and give them all the same life hacking goodness and resources that you’ve known about since forever.

Add to the list. Build the Life Hacking community list:

The Life Hack Community – [at]

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