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Ask Readers: Your GTD Hacks

I wasn’t going to admit this, but I can’t stay quiet: I’m really underwater because I fell off the organizational wagon. Have you ever been in this spot? You suddenly get SWAMPED with things to do, and instead of using your system to manage it, you throw it all away and just let stuff fall on the floor. Oh, is that just me?

Let me lay out the way I think I will make the system work for me, and then, what I really want, is YOUR implementation. What are you doing different than the book?

First Collection Points: Gmail-into-a-wiki for electronic stuff, and 3×5 card into a wiki for thoughts. I was using backpack, but I dunno. What about you?

Communication: I need to better gait my email swimming. I do it too often. I love writing back to readers, and I have lots of balls in the air. I can’t NOT do email, because it’s part of my efforts, but maybe I can gait it better. What about 10 minutes out of every hour? What are you doing? Oh, and now that MySpace is into the picture (I finally figured out how to make it useful to me), I’ll add that to email time.

Process: Do It Now- I think the “do-it-now” stuff owns me right now, and that’s bad. I need to work more on “habit 2” stuff, to mix systems. I have big projects that get pushed into obscure times because I’m focusing too hard on the correspondence. Maybe I can scale the do-it-now stuff into a defer, and then give that one hour a day?

Process: Projects- Here’s where I really need help. I’ve got a trillion projects. I multitask (and MUST). I need a way to better parse stuff. Maybe I also need a better way to delegate, because I have some help on some of these projects. How are you managing that? **You know what? I think what I need is to better define process flows for the projects I’m working on, and just look at the process flow when I return to that project. You know. Things have a shape. They have a form. Maybe I’m not respecting that enough. Thoughts?

Your Hacks: How did you over-clock David Allen’s great framework? What did you add in, subtract, tweak, edit? How are you rolling with this? I need your help. LOAD this with your thoughts and feelings. And if you’re willing, take the “distillation” of your thoughts, and load it into our wiki. That would be even way-cooler, because people will be able to find it thereafter. But really, I’m selfish, so help me! : )

–Chris Brogan is looking for ways to get back to sleeping more than 4 hours a night. He writes about self-improvement (which evidently doesn’t include sleep deprivation) at []. He’s helping organize Podcamp Boston and working on super-secret projects too. Oh, and a book.

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