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Ask Readers: What Needs Hacking?

I’ve got a question for you: what parts of your life need hacking? Truly. What parts of your life need a workaround? I started thinking about the concept at its root: life hacking. This presumes life is a system (I concur), and that the system has regularly planned programs to execute. Routines? So, one process is getting enough sleep. Another process is better input of food for cleaner energy, etc.

I suspect most of what we publish here appeals to your desire to over-clock your personal CPU. You want tips and tricks to get things done faster / better / more effectively. True?

But if you go with this poorly drawn analogy, it really opens up all kinds of topics to consider. The question then becomes: if we were rewriting your personal OS, improving your bus speeds, offering new interface protocols… what would you choose?

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