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Are You Working or Organizing?

Two productivity self-help books, David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” remain in the top 10 on The Wall Street Journal’s business best-seller list years after publication. Zack Edison, an Apple consultant in northern California, constantly hears colleagues exchanging efficiency techniques. “It’s like everybody who’s overweight is always talking about diets,” he says.

Does that ring true for the majority of those of us trying to improve our productivity and organization? This article from Newsweek delves into a few arguments regarding GTD and productivity principles, for and against.

What we could all agree might be that there must be a balance. If you are only fine tuning your GTD system, what are you doing it for? Likewise, if you are constantly battling to handle your workload, an adjustment into how you work should be made.

Work on your workflow, but don’t stop working.

You Need to Get to Work! – [Newsweek]

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