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An Online Resume Service

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An Online Resume Service

Emurse is a web tool where you can create, send and share your resume on the web. If you want to create a new professional resume for your job hunting, you can use Emurse’s create option to edit your resume online. If you already have a resume, you can upload to it, use this service to keep track of your job hunting status, or even give you an option to host your resume online – publicly or with password-protected:

emurse resume service

    * Create resumes using expert advice and an easy to use builder
    * Style your resumes and download in DOC, PDF, RTF, ODT, HTML or Text
    * Manage multiple resumes.Make changes simply and easily

    * Send your resume out via email, fax or ground.
    * Track where you’ve sent each resume, online or off.
    * Stay on top with reminders, updates and thank you notes.

    * Create a resume webpage, http://yourname.emurse.com
    * Sync your resume with leading job hunting sites
    * Create resume sharing groups with friends and co-workers

    Emurse – Resume Design, Management and Improvements

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