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A Text Information Sytem

Written by Stanley H
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Everyone has their own information system, Merlin from 43Folders has come up with his system on storing his text information by using a traditional text file. Some unique features on his system:

  • Only uses one big directory/folder
  • Uses five metadatas on the filename to organise – Metasymbol; SphereOfLife; Project; UniqueName; and VersionNumber

The versioning probably is one of tricks that may be useful, if you are not using any versioning control system (like CVS and SVN) locally:

… Version number is a slick little trick of mine. When I start a new version of a document, instead of adding a “2″ or “3″ to the most recent copy, I simply duplicate the document, then timestamp the old one — ala “+ work haa site design proposal-2005-12-12_08-16-34.txt“. That way I always know the unversioned copy is the most recent, but I still have backups I can roll back to any time. Neato…

This is sort of article that can lead you with good ideas. Try it out, modify the system to suit your need.

For me, for long time fans of SVN, I have a local repository which stores most of my documentations. It serves couple of good things like versioning, backup, and ability to replicate the set of documents to any machine I want. Very handy and neat.

My txt setup – [43Folders]

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