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A Notebook and a Brain

I found a great reminder of high school, college, and dream journals in an article from DiYPlanner. I’ve always liked notebooks, to keep track of dreams, records, ideas, and so much more. It also might be good for your hand to write a while instead of type! Here are a few tips and ideas for notebooks:

  • If you’re using the notebook for creative purposes as well, don’t forget to transfer the important bits into your system as well, whether that’s a dead-tree journal or sketchbook, or software like DEVONthink, Tinderbox, Zoot, Emacs, Word, or just some handy text files. Remember, the notebook is for collection, not filing.
  • Spend some quality time with your thoughts. Take the notebook and a pen to your favourite chair, turn off the television, get comfortable, open the book, and just start writing. It’s amazing what ideas come to you when your mind is open yet able to focus.

Above all, the most important thing to remember is that it is a notebook. Refer to it thus. It’s for notes. It’s not a journal, or a diary, or a sketchbook, or anything else precious that you resist writing in. When your mind is cooking, it’s there to catch the drippings.

It gives some great tips on getting the best uses out of a notebook, what kind you should choose, and also what you should not use it to do.

DiYPlanner – The Notebook: Could it be More Obvious? – []

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