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A Manager’s Guide to Supporting Organizational Change

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A Manager’s Guide to Supporting Organizational Change

Change within organisation is not easy – Management may always feel that employees tend to resist change and they feel employees are not supportive and difficult. Esther Derby talks about this exact issue and 10 lessons that she had learned:

  • Communicate a Compelling Reason to Change
  • Communicate Formally and Informally
  • Personalize the Message: What Does This Mean for Me?
  • Acknowledge the Unknowns
  • Surface Rumors and Fill in the Blanks
  • Practice What You Preach
  • Acknowledge and Build on What People Value
  • Reframe Resistance
  • People Do Not Resist Change, They Resist Coercion
  • Empathize

Communicate informally are great ways to send across the messages. Formal communications are not enough because the message usually does not tailor to the listener. Informal communication breaks this barrier.

A Manager’s Guide to Supporting Organizational Change: 10 Lessons Learned – [STSC]

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