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9 Tips for Career Starters

I liked this post from Get Rich Slowly, entitled “Nine Tips for Young People Starting Careers,” but I disagree that they relate only to the young. I think they’re the kinds of lessons we should reconsider once every six months, as a checkup for how we’re conducting ourselves.

Maybe the young folk don’t know all these lessons yet (I feel this way when in retail settings), but some of us with decades of business experience could use the refresher, too. Here’s the short list. On the site, each of these points has a huge bit of description tied to it.

  • Be willing to ask for help, but be able to take charge.
  • Know the boss.
  • Cultivate good relationships.
  • Don’t watch the clock.
  • Know when to go.
  • Don’t treat the job like a chore.
  • Think like your employer.
  • Behave professionally.
  • Be flexible

Read the rest of the article at the site, and re-introduce yourself to those great bits of wisdom.

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