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8 types of meeting attendees

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8 types of meeting attendees

Jonathan Grubb has an interesting post to describe 8 types of meeting attendees which he has identified. I recongize some of the types and also agrees with his funny comment. Here are the 8 types that he mentioned:

  • The Talker
  • The Boss
  • The Sigher
  • The Lurker
  • The Stealth Lurker
  • The Meanderer
  • The killer
  • The productive, reasonable contributor

Not only the post is interesting, the readers have contributed some meeting attendees type as well, like:

The Asleep
His job , he feels is to sleep and be uninterested.sometimes you are glad ,bec if he wakes up chances are he will be :
The “I Dont Understand”
No matter how well you explain or how valid your point is, this dude refuses to understand,His fevourit line is “man this does not make any sense to me,can you explain it again?” or something like that.

8 types of meeting attendees – [Jonathan Grubb]

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