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7 habits of highly effective junior designers

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7 habits of highly effective junior designers

Chanpory Rith, a designer, talks about what are the habits junior designers have to practice in order to be productive and effective on their job. If you are a designer, or you are doing creative things for a living – you may want to hear them and adapt them: 1. Work quickly, produce a lot; 2. Attend to details; 3. Be versatile; 4. Make an effort to learn; 5. Anticipate problems; 6. Set goals; 7. Display a positive attitude. I like the forth point, make an effort to learn. Many things that you work on are not something that you are familiar with. Make a extra miles on learning it and master it is a key point to be successful and effective on your job:

To be versatile, you must learn new skills all the time. Effective and successful designers are lifelong learners. They are curious, enthusiastic, and passionate about design and want to learn more. This passion translates to better job satisfaction and productivity. They also:

* Seek out mentors
* Choose jobs based on those that let them learn the most. (when you’ve stopped learning, it’s probably time to leave)
* Read and write
* Have projects outside of work (such as cute productivity blogs)
* Participate in the design communities by attending lectures and other events.
* Keep up with technology
* Are early adopters

Talent isn’t everything: 7 habits of highly effective junior designers – [LifeClever]

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