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6 Signs Your Boss Might Be Killing You

Written by Stanley H
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Fast Magazine has an interesting slideshow that shows some of the signs that you are stressing out from your job. It is a good way to find if you are in stress and your job may be wearing you down. Without finding solution, it will eventually lead to serious mental and health problems:

  • Not getting enough sleep, or sleeping too much.
  • Your mind wanders.
  • A change in diet.
  • Slipping back into bad habits.
  • Arriving late, or leaving early.
  • Headaches, stomachaches, and other bodily discomfort.

The slideshow also shows 6 ways to fight back the work stress. Go through the slideshow for the full pack of information.

Did you encounter any of these symptoms? How did you counter and fight back?

6 Signs Your Boss Might Be Killing You — and 6 Ways to Fight Back – [Fast Company]

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