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50 Fun Things To Do with your iPod

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50 Fun Things To Do with your iPod

For the one who got iPod, beside listening to music what else do you use iPod for?

For me the time that I spent on iPod over 90% of the time are listening to music and audio books.

iPod fun tips

    kottke.org provided 50 fun things you can do with your iPod. Most of them are limited to normal iPod like using it as make-up mirror shown in the picture above, but there are couple fun things I can do with my iPod mini. However you don’t even want to try this:

    17. Get mugged: Thieves in several cities have reportedly been targeting folks wearing the iPod’s signature white headphones and stealing their iPods. Look at this as an excuse to get some better headphones.

    Nevertheless, very fun to read.

    50 Fun Things To Do with your iPod – [kottke.org]

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