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5 Fast Filing Hacks

Matthew Cornell is sharing five handy hacks to help keep your files work for you. These are industry based tips that come from long hard days working with filing systems and it sounds like they work.

File Bookmark

When you pull a file, simply lift up the file behind it a few inches and let the remaining files in front of that one lean back. You’ll find they keep the bookmark file up above the rest until you’re ready to return the pulled file.
Fold Crease

Have you ever noticed that set of horizontal creases at the bottom of most file folders? Guess what – they’re amazingly useful! When you have a file that’s grown to more than a dozen or so pages, it starts to bow outward, messing up your nice filing drawer. Terrible! To fix the problem, simply open the file flat on your desk, choose a crease that will give you enough extra room, fold the crease, and – bingo – neat, expanded file.

Staple, Don’t Clip

To keep your files as thin as possible, replace paper clips with staples. For thick bundles that you don’t want to staple, you might prefer the so-called “ideal clamps” (such as these) rather than paper clips.

Unfold Before You File

This one is real simple: To keep files thin and make easier future perusals, always unfold any papers before you file them. Also, take them out of the envelope if you feel the need to keep it (staple it to the pages if you like.)

Check Matt’s Idea Blog for more, and if you have any filing hacks to share – let’s hear them!

Five secret filing hacks from the masters – [Matt’sIdeaBlog]

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