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40 facts about Sleep you probably didn’t know

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40 facts about Sleep you probably didn’t know

This is not a post with full of tips, but it contains some very interesting facts about sleep. Couple of them catch my eyes:

Anything less than five minutes to fall asleep at night means you’re sleep deprived. The ideal is between 10 and 15 minutes, meaning you’re still tired enough to sleep deeply, but not so exhausted you feel sleepy by day.

I fall asleep in less than five minutes sometimes – Am I sleep deprived?

Dreams may not serve any purpose at all but be merely a meaningless byproduct of two evolutionary adaptations – sleep and consciousness.

Good to know – not all dreams have reasons.

Some sleeping tablets, such as barbiturates suppress REM sleep, which can be harmful over a long period.

40 facts about Sleep you probably didn’t know… – [ABC Australia]

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