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38 Ways on winning an Argument

There is a page that talks about 38 ways (!!) on how to win an argument. Not that I 100% agreed on those methods (it is more lead towards dark side…). I guess I want to pass it to you and you can do the judgement yourself and see if you want to use any of those. If you are desperate enough, you may want to win faster on arguments by using those…

25. If your opponent is making a generalization, find an instance to the contrary.
Only one valid contradiction is needed to overthrow the opponent’s proposition.
Example: “All ruminants are horned,” is a generalization that may be upset by the single instance of the camel.

26. A brilliant move is to turn the tables and use your opponent’s arguments against himself.
Example: Your opponent declares: “so and so is a child, you must make an allowance for him.”
You retort, “Just because he is a child, I must correct him; otherwise he will persist in his bad habits.”

27. Should your opponent suprise you by becoming particularly angry at an argument, you must urge it with all the more zeal.
No only will this make your opponent angry, but it will appear that you have put your finger on the weak side of his case, and your opponent is more open to attack on this point than you expected.

Thirty – Eight Ways to Win an Argument from Schopenhauer’s “The Art of Controversy” – []

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