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14+ money saving computer user ideas

Make You go Hmm has a good post compiled with couple of good money saving tips for your computer and its expenses. TDavid has saved over USD $200 in last 60 days from cutting some excess expenses and adjusting his way of handling regular expenses. At the moment there are 15 tips. Here are the summary of them:

  • Switch to VoIP.
  • Keep a running list of online subscriptions
  • Consider turning your online hobbies into mini businesses.
  • Setup a MythTV box or buy a Media Center PC instead 0f subscribing to TiVO
  • Those with cable internet, stop renting the cable modem.
  • Curb the practice of buying media multiple times.
  • Buy annual subscriptions or lifetime subscriptions instead of monthly
  • Use music subscription services to decide which tunes/albums to buy.
  • Don’t forget to cancel after trials if you aren’t that interested.
  • Buy magazine subscriptions in multiple-year deals
  • Consider eBooks vs. print.
  • Use technology to save gas.
  • Join the reward clubs.
  • Plug everything electronic into a good UPS.
  • Use anti-static mats and/or ground yourself before touching the computer.

14+ money saving computer user ideas – [Make You go Hmm]

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