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12 Tips for Creating Better Presentations

Stephanie Krieger, a Document Production Expert has posted an article for creating better presentation, focused on presentation slide production with Powerpoint. She talked about three main areas with four tips on each area to improve the slides in style. They are: Clearly Communicate Your Information; Grab the Viewer’s Attention; and Stay in Control of Your Presentations:

You have a presentation to create. It’s important. But, formatting diagrams can take forever and the text on your slides seems to have a mind of its own. Then, there’s the sad fact that everybody’s PowerPoint presentations look the same.

Sound about right? If so, I’ve got good news for you! Creating professional, unique presentations can be much easier than you might think.

This article will help you find the right tools to get exactly the presentation you want. We’ll look at three components of creating effective presentations, and provide timesaving tips to help send your presentation off in style…

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