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12 Habits in 2006

January generally is the month of the planning. John Richardson at Success Begins Today urges single one of us to get one good habits in shape for every month. What is the hidden tips? Our last post, 10 Ways to Achieve your Goals Quicker introduces writeingdown your goals in specific terms, and John highlights that written verification is the key to success in achieving goals – in his case, getting into good habits:

… I also think that most of these “habits” will become second nature after a period of time. Time will tell. So far written verification seems to be the key. With this type of thesis many things should be possible. Diet and exercise goals can be broken down into components and developed over time. One month choose to give up sodas. This alone may save 300-400 calories a day. Later in the year make it a habit to have at least 2 pieces of fruit a day. Simple doable things…

Another key that I grabbed from John’s article is to break down into smaller chucks and develop the habit one chuck at a time. Just like project management, how does a snake eat an elephant? Don’t be greedy, one piece at a time. So true.

12 Habits in 2006 – [Sucess Being Today]

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