11 Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain

11 Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common physical injuries. It may not only occur for whose work as lifting heavy objects. You will exposed by this risk if you sit in front of computer all day, or you stand for a long period of time. The worse thing is that back pain can be serious. It can be a long-term injury and it will alters your lifestyle. Back pain is hard to recover, so it is better to avoid it. Here are some tips from to avoid it:

  1. Exercise, posture and back pain
  2. Environment and back injury
  3. If you have long term back pain or spinal disorder
  4. Build up muscular strength and flexibility
  5. Regular exercises such as swimming…
  6. Avoid prolonged standing
  7. Seating and back problems
  8. Good bed mattresses for back problems
  9. Lifting load carrying and your back
  10. Weight gain and back problems
  11. Smoking and back problems

What are your tips to avoid back pain?

How To 11 Tips on How to Avoid Back Pain – [ – Hat tips to Health-Hack]

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