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101 ways to organize your life with Project Management

Project Management Source hosts a pretty long – behold, 101 ways – to organize your life within the project management perspective. It covers the areas of leadership, personnel management, recognition, relationship, communication, morale, self-management, stress, planning etc. Couple of good points that the article raises:

73. Remember that no two people view the situation with the same pair of eyes – they actually see different things. This helps in understanding differences of viewpoints and eventually resolving conflict within your team.

69. Understanding the goals: A project is truly successful only when you are meeting the need for which it was created. Identifying the scope and requirements at the outset and also acknowledging that in the real world, these can change is a good starting point.

44. Celebrate achievements – even mini-achievements: Celebrating at every landmark gives your team something to look forward to, and lets them remember that they are making steady progress towards their goal – project completion!

79. Checklists for risks: Trouble sometimes stems from omissions. It is easy to “forget” key components of a work package. A checklist reduces the potential of leaving out important considerations.

Some of the tips are pretty standards, but it doesn’t hurt to re-cap what you know and check them off with “Been there, done that.”

Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life – [Project Management Source]

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