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10 Ways to Tweak Your Tech Resume

Okay, now you need to find a new job. As a techie you may thought you have so many things to mention to the recruiters. What are the best ways to include into your resume? eWeek has researched and gives some advices on how to write practical and outstanding resume to get an interview. The article lists ten quick tips:

  • ATS: The most important letters you need to know
  • Skills section keywords
  • Don’t use a template
  • A good objectives section counts
  • Lose the one-page-only rule
  • Avoid the personal
  • Cover letters are not critical
  • Don’t spend 100 hours on it
  • Go old school
  • Use common sense

In my opinion, the most important would be using skills section keywords. In the recent recruitment which I conducted, I require to screen over 100 resumes for a position even after HR has screened out majority of the applications. I use keywords to search for essential skills that required for the job. If the candidates do not have that particular keywords – usually means it is too bad for them. Having the relevant keywords also means the candidates have done their homework of researching what are required.

10 Ways to Tweak Your Tech Résumé – [eWeek]

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