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10 Things I Learned from My 4-Year-Old

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10 Things I Learned from My 4-Year-Old

Everyone can learn something from someone. Steve Olson demonstrates this point very well with his latest post. In the article, he points out 10 things that he learned from his 4-year-old son. He finds some fresh point of views on life and how to handle tasks. I am pretty impressed by his kid, his observation and how to convert behavior cue to actual application:

  • To use positive words
  • To look for opportunity everywhere
  • A new synonym for persistence
  • To ask big questions
  • To accept mistakes
  • To pay attention to little details
  • To stop complaining
  • To strive for consistency
  • How to build a maze with random items in the garage
  • To experiment

A new synonym for persistence strikes and reminds me to persist on tasks that I found difficult. It is so smart that a 4-year-old kid can create a word to encourage himself to “keep trying even when it’s hard”.

10 Things I Learned from My 4-Year-Old – [Steve Olson]

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