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10 Shopping Tricks That Stores Hate

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10 Shopping Tricks That Stores Hate

    Stores are here for revenue. After all they are business. There are things that they do to increase their profit. How to identify those overboard money suckers? Consumerist has a great article to help you save money. No fraud, plain cleverness. The article is focused into saving money from the consumer point of view, so stores may hate these tips when they are widely used:

    • Buying Loss Leaders and Leaving
    • Using Credit and Paying it Off on Time
    • Saying NO to the Extended Warranty
    • Activating Your Own Phone With A Cell Phone Company
    • Shopping in the Store But Buying Online
    • Buying 1 When its 2 for $5
    • Opening A Store Credit Card To Get A Discount, Then Cutting It Up
    • Using Websites to Track 30 Day Price Guarantees
    • Buying Seasonal Items at Clearance Prices (For Next Year)
    • Buy “Accessories” on Ebay Rather Than Paying Huge Markups

    10 Shopping Tricks That Stores Hate – [Consumerist]

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