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10 rules to manage your boss

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10 rules to manage your boss

Boss management – an unusal term but sometimes it is true that you need to give your boss a hand and to be more proactive on managing yourself, and your boss. Jacques Horovitz has 10 rules on how to manage your boss, in order to be more effective, faster in actions and gain trust:

  • Decisions: If you do not want a ‘no’ or procrastination, give him/her a hand
  • Manage her time: You may represent only 1% of her problems, don’t make it as if it is 100%.
  • An opinion: If you ask for her opinion, she will always have one.
  • Information: It is not data.
  • Problems: Don’t just come with problems, come also with solutions.
  • Assumptions: Do not assume she knows as much as you do, but assume she can understand
  • Delegations: Constantly test the waters.
  • Promises: Do not promise what you cannot deliver, and avoid surprises, trust is at stake.
  • Differences: Manage differences in culture.
  • Trust: Don’t be sloppy in your documentation. It undermines trust.

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