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10 Reasons You & I Aren't Rich

Jeffrey Strain from has a few hints to why we’re not rich yet. Mostly, it appears, this is due to how we spend money and not how much money we make. You be the judge.

1. You Care What Your Neighbors Think

2. You Aren’t Patient

3. You Have Bad Habits

4. You Have No Goals

5. You Haven’t Prepared

6. You Try to Make a Quick Buck

7. You Rely on Others to Take Care of Your Money

“Unfortunately, most people want to make money themselves, and this is their primary objective when they tell you how to invest your money. Listen to other people’s advice to get new ideas, but in the end you should know enough to make your own investing decisions.”

8. You Invest in Things You Don’t Understand

9. You’re Financially Afraid

10. You Ignore Your Finances

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