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10 principles of effective information management

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10 principles of effective information management

Managing Information is a usual challenge for many businesses and organizations. The more information and people, the harder and more complex on information management projects and initiatives. Information system is not the only component that needs to address. James Robertson has written an article on 10 principles to ensure that information management are effective:

  1. recognise (and manage) complexity
  2. focus on adoption
  3. deliver tangible & visible benefits
  4. prioritise according to business needs
  5. take a journey of a thousand steps
  6. provide strong leadership
  7. mitigate risks
  8. communicate extensively
  9. aim to deliver a seamless user experience
  10. choose the first project very carefully

I see principle five, take a journey of a thousand steps, is the most important one. In many cases, the group are too ambiguous on trying to resolve all of the issues at once. Pulling off those project is costly, difficult to plan and likely will create a downtime for the business. Instead, the project should be designed with smaller changes which can incrementally improve the whole infrastructure.

10 principles of effective information management – [KM Column]

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