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Lifehack Deals Spotlight: Bundles and Courses Galore

As we near the end of another month, we’re going to shine a bit of a spotlight on our Lifehack Deals page. You’ve still got  some time to act on these great deals we’re offering, so check out some of the highlights and save yourself some hard-earned dollars — and some time as well!

Microsoft Office Bundle for Mac

Wrapping your head around Microsoft Office for Mac isn’t going to get any easier than this. In this bundle, you’ll get 4 separate video courses for all your Microsoft Office 2011 needs for only $79! Get a closer look at the Microsoft Office Bundle for Mac here.

The Mac Hype Bundle

This bundle includes 10 top Mac apps valued at over $514 for just $50! The 10 Mac apps include:

  1. iTaskX ($115) – Increase your productivity
  2. MacFamilyTree ($59) – Advanced genealogy for your Mac
  3. Data Recovery Guru ($99) – Don’t lose it, guru it
  4. Hype ($50) – Easily create and animate using HTML5.
  5. PDF Nomad ($40) – A versatile PDF editor
  6. MacJournal ($40) – Capture life with MacJournal
  7. DiskAid ($25) – Quickly transfer files between your Mac and iOS
  8. AppFresh ($15) – Manage all of your updates for all your Mac OS apps
  9. Playback ($15) – Stream all of your media to your XBOX 360 or PS3
  10. CleanApp ($15) – Clean your Mac

Grab this bundle today by clicking here.

Learn to Code Bootcamp Bundle

Associate Editor CM Smith touched on this bundle in a recent article here at Lifehack. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Become a Web Dev From Scratch – Valued at $199
  • Create Responsive Web Design – Valued at $150
  • Make iPhone & iPad Games w/out Programming – Valued at $250
  • Learn How to Code iOS Apps- Valued at $197
  • Ruby Programming for Beginners- Valued at $99
  • Photoshop CS6 Crash Course- Valued at $40

Don’t miss out your chance to save 89% on this great set of courses! Get it here while you still can…

There are plenty of other great offers going on right now so check out our Lifehack Deals page today!

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