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Whiteboard Calendar at home

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Whiteboard Calendar at home

Dwayne Melancon has implemented a whiteboard for calendar for the family. He called it Air traffic control for the family. He and her wife use two dry-erase calendars and attach it to their refrigerator – one being represents the current month and second one represents the next month to communicate each of the family members’ schedules for the months:

… At the beginning of each month, we:

* Move the new month to the top
* Erase last month’s calendar
* Fill in the dates for next month
* Fill in any commitments we know about
* Put next month’s calendar at the bottom on the fridge

As we go through the month, we can easily deal with adds, removes, and changes to our schedules…

Two months setup sounds pretty useful as you can let your family know your schedule at least one month in advance.

Air traffic control for the family – [Genuine Curiosity]

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