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What Clients Really Want?

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What Clients Really Want?

With any business or type of work – you have to deal with customers directly or indirectly. Focusing on customer relationship and make sure your products and services are working for them goes long ways to keep your job around. Pat Matson Knapp has written an article on Joe Grant’s “Top 10 List of Client Wants”. All of them can apply to direct customer relationship, and some of them can apply when you indirectly dealing with customers:

  1. Keep the Principal Involved
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Be Easy to Work With
  4. Exceed Expectations
  5. Keep Your Promises
  6. Anticipate Their Needs
  7. Build a Seasoned Team
  8. Do Good Work
  9. Hold Their Hand
  10. Meet Their Goals

What Clients REALLY Want – [How Design.com]

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