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Visualize Difficult Concepts

The folks over at LifeClever have links to some really interesting concept maps created by Dubberly Design Office (DDO). They all involve coming up with a really interesting way to depict tricky information. Though the topics might not all appeal to you, the crafting of the visual tools and the way information is conveyed might be something useful to you.

Here’s the list of what the maps cover:

1. What is Java technology and its community?
2. How does the Domain Name System (DNS) work?
3. What is a brand?
4. How do organizations track customers to retain them longer—and acquire more?
5. What is Internet search?
6. What happens during a heart attack?

The image on “What is a Brand” proved interesting, though I saw a video podcast about brands that gave me a much better definition than I’d had before.

Check out the visualizations.

Six Illuminating Concept Maps You Should Know About – [LifeClever]

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