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I Used To Worry About The Labels Others Placed On Me...Until I Realized My Limitations Weren't Coming From Their Labels

I used to worry about the labels others placed on me…until I realized my limitations weren’t coming from their labels…but from my own. – Dr. Steve Maraboli

At times, you might have thoughts that you would rather not have, such as persistent worries, little niggles, or recurring concerns that don’t go away. Often, the more you try to free your mind of these thoughts, the more persistent they become. For example: try not to think about a big pink elephant. Chances are the more you concentrate on not thinking about the elephant, the more your mind will actually focus on that image. This is because the mind is not good with focusing on “not doing” something. The best way to free your mind from unwelcome or unwanted thoughts to is engage it with other thoughts or to remove or resolve the cause of the thoughts you are having. Here are 30 ways that you can free your mind immediately:

30 Ways to Free Your Mind Immediately

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