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Tips for Long Public Speaking

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Tips for Long Public Speaking

Dave Shea at mezzoblue (I like this designs) has a good article on how to do public speaking with ease, even if it is a long presentation. He has couple of issues when he delivers his one hour presentation. Sometimes he doesn’t not plan the time well, he will ended up to use longer time in the first few slides and then rushing at the end. He developed couple of tips to lead him through the time:

  • Know your material
  • Nervousness goes away
  • Pause
  • Have a water bottle with you on stage
  • If you get stuck on-stage, it’s not a bad thing
  • Be prepared to allow for spontaneity
  • Have a lot of slides
  • Be prepared, but it’s not worth killing yourself
  • If you don’t fill the entire hour, no big deal
  • Make sure you’ve got a strong start, and the rest will fall into place
  • Re-use material

Speaking? Tips. – [mezzoblue]

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