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This List of Regrets by Those About to Die Will Call Your Attention to Life

It’s a fact of life. It’s one of those things we can’t escape. Something that will definitely happen, but as long as we can avoid thinking or talking about it, we will. The truth is we evade discussing it because it’s such a sad fact. Heck, the thought actually gives me the chills. Yes, I dread the smell of it. I’m referring to death. Honestly, it’s a thought I’d rather ignore; especially concerning loved ones. I’m pretty sure you feel the same.

Lifehack wants to present an infographic here inspired by Bronnie Ware who came up with a post about the top 5 regrets of the dying. According to the post, one of the top themes that has resurfaced again and again is: not having the courage to pursue dreams and aspirations.

Let me ask you now — Do you want to have a fruitful life? Then take time to ruminate about each one of the top regrets compiled by, and think about what you would want to do with your precious time.


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