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This Histomap Showing The Four Thousand Years Of World History Will Surely Amaze You

As an aspiring historian myself, I find stuff like this to be pretty interesting. What are you looking at? Essentially, it’s a visual depiction of the rise and fall of major civilizations and empires, starting from around the beginning of recorded history.

There’s a lot of facts and insights packed into this (big) infographic, so be sure to check it over carefully to find all of the neat data nuggets. When you do, see if you find anything significant about what you are reading. Did you know about that previously? Does it change a view you previously had? Does it make you want to do further research? Does it help you better understand the world today?

Basically, you can become something of a pseudo-historian yourself whilst investigating this image. Being a student of history is, after all, all about asking the right questions, and always maintaining a certain curiosity and open-mindedness about everything you learn.

Let me know if you find anything particularly intriguing to you in the comments! Oh, and here’s a tip to make viewing this infographic a bit easier: simply right click it, and hit “view image.” That will open it up in a new tab, where you can zoom in and more easily read the text.


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