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This is Us. The Social Media Generation.


Do you think it’s true too, that inside everyone of us there’s a child? Think about it, the last time you posted something on Facebook or Twitter, what was your intention?

You want attention. You want to be acknowledged. You want others to agree with your thoughts. You want others to like what you do.

Since when the virtual world has become more important than our real world to communicate in? I’m not denying how much more convenient we have become with the social networks, especially when we want to keep in touch with people far away from us. Besides, those “Like”, “Share”, “Favorite” and “Retweet” functions do add more fun to the whole communication. It’s just, the world these days has changed so much that we human beings seem to have forgotten our true basic need – love and care.

We want to be loved and cared about in the real world, but we aren’t able to obtain that, so we turn to the virtual world. It’s sad that we’ve made this generation this way and are making the next generation the same way too. Take the first step to care someone by taking real actions instead of clicking “Like” on Facebook, will you?

MARC MARON: The social media generation | ZEN PENCILS

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