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Things That Matter Most: Becoming a Great Leader #6

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    This is the last in a series of articles on becoming a great leader. It is a collection of the staples of great leadership and is compiled from many sources.

    1. Great leaders KNOW it is PEOPLE not PROGRAMS that create a quality organization.
    2. Great leaders have clear, consistent expectations.
    3. Great leaders take into account the impact of their decisions on those they work with.
    4. Great leaders plan a purpose for everything they do.
    5. Great leaders create a positive atmosphere and work climate.
    6. Great leaders have high expectations for those they work with and greater expectations for themselves.
    7. Great leaders consistently apply Socrates 3 filter test to anything they pass along.
    8. Great leaders work to maintain positive relationships to those they work with.
    9. Great leaders know it makes much more sense to retrain existing staff than to recruit new staff.
    10. Great leaders treat everyone as a valuable entity.

    Previous posts in the series:

    Reg Adkins writes on behavior and the human experience at (elementaltruths.blogspot.com).

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