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These Drawings Represent Everything That Is Wrong with Society

A Polish artist named Pawel Kuczynski has created a collection of illustrations that epitomize so many of the problems that we encounter every day in our world. Artists have been channeling their frustrations about society into creating meaningful works of art for centuries, and Kuczynski is no exception. His drawings include criticisms of politics and politicians, problems with the environment, the effects of social media, education, churches, and the divide between the wealthy and the poor. Below are a few of Kuczynski’s most powerful illustrations.

Here, Kuczynski points out that social media, rather than bringing people together, can be quite alienating.

In this image, the artist is making a commentary on the sad truth that many leaders who claim to rescue nations from the negative influence of past leaders end up committing the same evils against their people.

With this illustration, Kuczynski says that politics (symbolized by the the Capitol) are founded on lies.

View the entire collection here.

Which of these images speaks most to you?

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